MO deer hunters asked to look for clues in missing woman case

As first appeared on KFVS, written by Allison Twaits:

KFVS12 News STE. GENEVIEVE, MO (KFVS) - More than a year ago, a Ste. Genevieve woman disappeared from her home. On Tuesday, her husband asked for help in finding her from an unlikely source. Lynn Messer vanished in the middle of the night 16 months ago and her husband, Kerry asked the thousands of deer hunters who will make their way in to the woods over the weekend for the start of the season, to keep an eye out for any clues. “I wake up in the middle of the night and quite often I reach across the bed and it’s still empty,” said Kerry Messer. When his then 52-year-old wife, Lynn Messer, went missing in July of 2014, hundreds of volunteers searched thousands of acres in the weeks following her disappearance without any clues turning up. But he said there’s still hope. “The half-million hunters that go out in the woods during this deer season, if they would all hear the message and if they would all pay attention and report the odd items, someone’s loved one is going to be found,” he said. This weekend marks the start of deer hunting season, which means the largest group of hunters will head out into the woods. While out hunting for deer, Messer hopes they keep an eye out for any evidence about his wife’s disappearance. “There is no scenario that will give us closure, but if it could at least give us some resolve, that would be better than nothing,” said Messer. Messer stresses the search method has worked in the past. This year, he hopes it works for his family. “I just want to beg hunters and outdoors folks to, please, don’t ignore the strange things you see in the woods, they are important to somebody,” he said.